Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Angel Food Ministries

Although the last several months I haven't given this much thought, the other day I got the April menu in the mail. Well worth considering if you have one local even if money is not extremely tight.

April's Menu and Specials will give us an abundance of great meals,

For a mere $68 I will be able to provide almost all of the meat I will need for more than a month and all I will need to add are sides.

We will be adding specials 1 and 3 to our basic box this month to restock the freezer.

The quality of the meat we have received in the past has been good (except one package of steaks that were too thin, next time those will be fajitas instead)
Everything else has been pretty good as well. It definitely helps stretch the tight budget quite a ways.

Due dates vary, but most hosts accept money orders, cash or EBT, the due date for the church we use is April 12th since it is not the church we attend (they also take orders on Sunday after church. They are just over a mile away which also helps when the trucks run late (the old place we went was a few miles away and making several runs got really frustrating at times) But you do get a deal and its nice seeing all the people helping others.

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