Monday, March 24, 2008

At what point?

Ok, I am getting really frustrated. Every night or is it morning, I am not sure anymore, between 2:30 and 3:30am I am waking up in excruciating pain.
My neurologist on Friday offered a spinal tap whenever I wanted. At what point do I decide to take him up on that offer.

I am weighing my options. On one hand, a spinal tap will help with the headaches for a little bit (aproximately 4 hours or so) but the back pain has always lasted 3 days. The headaches take about 2 days to come back full force, but I seriously think its just because my back hurts too bad for me to feel the head pain again.
At least I never have to worry about low pressure headaches, though.

Today Lauren gets a very short school day since she is going to help me get all the pop cans out of the way since I keep tripping over them with the walker, then she is going to help me organize the bedroom for the CPAP machine that will be delivered later this week. However she is already fighting with me, so her short two sheet day may turn into a MUCH longer day afterall.

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