Friday, March 14, 2008

We are in Transition

I am a bit nervous, after yesterday I know that my eyes are not that important to the next decisions. After all, my Neurologist looks at my eyes longer than the ophthalmologist did, and he refused to follow the neurosurgeons request to check my fields every 6 months, I am NOT happy with that.

Then this morning I was discharged from nursing, that's a good thing as she was just calling anyhow. Tuesday is my last day of at home physical therapy, then I move on to outpatient...that is where the nerves come in... I have grown very fond of my physical therapist, she came to my house and really helped me get to getting up and moving around. Six weeks ago I could not even stand to go to the bathroom, now, I am moving quite efficiently with the walker I cover the entire downstairs of our house. Hopefully outpatient will get me the ability to get upstairs again.

Overall though, I am really encouraged as this process has really taught me a lot about who I am in Christ and its also helping my family grow to be more unified since I am unable to do things that they used to take advantage of me doing.

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