Thursday, March 20, 2008

I lost 4 Pounds !!!

In just 3 weeks since I have been following the orders of my Pulmonologist I have lost a full 4 pounds. Ok, I have to admit, I thought her suggestions seemed rediculous since it actually meant me eating MORE than I was used to eating, A Lot more.
But, so far, after just adding in a real breakfast, actually EATING lunch, and not taking any seconds on dinner I have actually seen some real success.
Obviously exercise isn't an easy thing to accomplish right now, but I did increase my physical therapy to 3 times per day (I was doing the exercises just twice per day) but those are done in the sitting position, so I didn't think that would really help either.

The doctor is from Russia and her answer was a simple saying they use over there. To quote her directly, "In my country, they say Eat Your Breakfast, Share your Lunch, and Give your dinner to your Enemy" it sounded really funny to me, but she explained that Americans really have our meals backwards, the biggest meal should be breakfast because we have all day to burn it off, then Lunch should be a lighter meal but enough to provide the energy for the afternoon. Dinner should be a small meal because we don't have hardly any time to burn it off, and for the most part we spend that time in front of a tv or computer, so it won't get burned off at all. Oh how accurate that really is.
Unfortunately she also told me how hard change is, and that because its so hard the best thing is to just practice by starting monitoring portions...That was a big challenge to learn when to stop, but I do notice a difference and am happier. We also moved our dinner an hour earlier so we had more time to get those calories used.

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