Friday, March 21, 2008

Here we go again

This morning I saw the neurologist, I am happy and scared all at the same time. He is sending me for a second opinion, I see a new doc through University Neurosurgeons on April 7th, that is a FAST appointment, I couldn't even get in as an established patient with my other neurosurgeon that fast.

They are sending me a packet to fill out and bring back, then I have to go pick up CT, MRI and whatnot records to take with me.

Tonight is my 3rd sleep study, the one where we titrate for the CPAP, so I haven't taken my usual nap today, wouldn't be a big deal had I not had that 8:30am appointment with the neurologist this morning, I am SO tired.

I made a mixed CD of my Favorite Praise and Worship music for the car for the drive out, This will be the first time I have driven alone since January.

And what is it with cold and my doctors appointments, I had appointments on Monday and Friday this week, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty spring days, those two, FREEZING. Lets hope that tonight I am in a warmer room than last time, I don't need to freeze to death again.

Church called to check on me this morning, I feel so important...I have been going there a year this week (minus the time I missed for being sick, and obviously the last 8 weeks post-op) and I really know very few people there, but its still the best church I have found since I moved to SE Michigan 7 years ago.

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