Friday, March 28, 2008

Up E E Down

Thats what my Lauren used to say when she wanted to be picked up. Today I feel its more of the way I feel with pain management. Up and down, round and round. Physical Therapy yesterday was HARD, not bad, but Hard. I really liked her a lot better while we were working through this. I guess I just needed to do something since I hadn't had PT in a week. Boy did she make up for it though, OUCH.

We used a COOL sitting stair stepper that I WANT to get when we can afford the payments, its only $1200, but with my legs, I think its a worthy investment when we can afford it.
Then we did many of the exercises I was used to doing at home, except we did BOTH legs. The parallel bars helped with balance as I practiced all sorts of balancing acts, then we marched in place, Thank goodness she gives breaks.
After we did standing exercises, we did some sitting exercises, those were easy since I had been doing them at home all along, or at least all but one.
Then, back exercise, THOSE HURT the worst, and I felt like I had accomplished the least on them because they were just not getting me anywhere. Needless to say, I was tired and sore when I got home.

I am really excited though as I now know she isn't going to be slow with me and we just might actually see more than a little progress (they will also call the doctor if they don't think I am ready to be done when he does)

Today Lauren decided that it was her day to misbehave ALL day long. It would have to be a bad headache day and my legs are still recouperating from PT, for her to misbehave to that magnitude, of course. And now I think she fell asleep watching Hannah Montana, Gee whiz.
I wish she would have let me take a nap today.

Thank goodness for weekends, I need the time to get through all of this. Tomorrow we get to head out to hunt down some ski's for my walker. Wish me Luck.

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