Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a Blessing

Today I realized just how blessed I am to have the medical staff I do.
I was sitting here in tears in immesnse pain this morning before the physical therapist got here, she wanted me to go to the ER, I am so not interested in that right now though, especially since I have so much going on with doctors this next week and perhaps even another appointment on top of that.

My neurologist called me this afternoon because he had just gotten the report from my Pulmonologist about my sleep study, he wanted to make sure that I was following up with that. I nearly cried because he actually CALLED me, he cared enough to call.
Then he mentioned that Dr. Pieper had also sent the report to him and wanted to see me in two weeks (this was news to me) so tomorrow when I am at the Opthamologist office I will be stopping by to see what I need to do about that appointment and I have to talk to his nurse anyhow because she is who has to fill out my paperwork for the Lyrica, that is one EXPENSIVE medicine.

I am just so happy that he cared enough to call and check on me, he didn't have to since I actually have an appointment with him next Friday. God has REALLY really Blessed me this time around.

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