Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I need a vacation

Oh my goodness what a week it has been. The sad part? Today is only Wednesday.

Yesterday I had my first visit with the physical therapist in the outpatient clinic, she had no records for me so the whole visit was basically history, I have repeated it so often I could probably do it in my sleep, oh well.
She was nice, but we will see how tomorrow goes when we actually do more than just talk. Ok, I guess that wasn't fair, she did check range of motion, reflexes, pain, and swelling.

Today was a VERY hard day. I got up took Chris to work, I am NOT going to try that again for a VERY long time, my leg does not like working when I am alone. We took a trip up to the old neurosurgeons office to get them to fill out the last of the paperwork for the Lyrica. What should have taken 5 minutes took closer to 90. During that time I walked (remind me not to go on LONG walks with the walker ever again) to the hospitals Diagnostic Imaging Department to get the records Dr. Guthikonda's office wants me to bring on the 7th. Oh my. While there, Code Red, yes a fire alarm went off and I was stuck in the hospital hall ways on my way BACK to the medical building (all connected but still a VERY long walk)

I then got caught by every light along the trip to take Chris some lunch and spend an enjoyable time with him. Now I know why he HATES driving, my goodness. I was shaking so badly by the time we got to his work, we stayed there all but a half hour when I went up two miles to the corner to go to Michael's to pick up something for Lauren to do for the two hours we waited for him to get out. Then we ordered pizza for dinner, when it arrived it was 10 minutes late and they forgot to slice it...I am now ready for bed.

What a day!!! Here's to a better tomorrow.

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