Monday, June 9, 2008

Benefits of Chiropractic

Ok, this week I am totally convinced.

I had been stressing over my decision to try a chiropractor after all my complications from the shunt removal and the PTC and Chiari.

I researched it pretty thoroughly, the only negatives all said they could feel more pain rather than less so I figured if it was going to be a bad thing, I would stop going. The brain is a pretty touchy area to work with so I was a bit nervous.

The nerves though, are GONE. I had my 6th appointment this morning, back up a moment.
Friday I had my 5th appointment, I left somewhat disappointed, I had been having some major swelling issues with my leg and Lots of pain all week, every appointment I had had up til Friday gave a good deal of relief at least of the pain my back had been feeling...Friday though, not much relief, about 3 hours worth.
All day long though, I noticed something, My leg wasn't throbbing every time I pushed my heel to the ground...When I got back home, I took my shoes off as usual, and something weird happened, I did NOT swell immediately upon removing them...
The swelling has been down ALL weekend.
Today I had my 6th appointment, I use the walker to get in the building, back to the room, but I don't use it to walk in the room as they aren't big enough. I didn't NEED it to move around, my leg and hip are moving very freely and with very little pain.
My therapist noticed it too over the last two weeks, I had been stuck for about a month not making hardly any progress, it was VERY discouraging, that's when I decided I needed to do SOMETHING, and she knew I was gonna see the Chiro...Tomorrow we will likely be trying a single cane, hopefully we will be able to order one before my birthday. YAY.

Chiropractic works. I am so grateful to my sister in law for talking about it, I knew in my mind I needed to go, but I wasn't about to hunt down a doc, I was too afraid of getting a bad one. Her doc is the greatest, I see dad, Thursday I will see his son (but I will be sticking with dad for my regular appointments at least for a while)
I was told 6 months or more of recovery time, right now, I am at the 4 months, I am hoping to be totally better by the time my 6 months is up. I realize it may take a while to be 100%, but at least if I am walking with a cane or without, if I have a bad day once in a while it will surely beat the Lots and Lots of bad days.