Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Its Gonna be a LONG six weeks

My physical therapist is on FMLA leave, I am happy for her but totally bummed at the same time, not just because I will miss her but the reason she is on FMLA means some mom and dad don't get to be parents, that thought always kills me, its so hard to see someone unable to raise their own children.

See, she is a foster mom, and her other three foster childrens mom had a baby and they agreed to take her too.
I already had an interest in foster parenting from being a foster child, having a foster mom as the head of our homeschool group and she just made the desire even more intense, however, it will have to wait til I am ALL better first.

We knew the baby was coming, but she got here 4 weeks early...she is gonna need lots of prayers and support though, she is heartbroken for the parents since she doesn't feel they are bad parents and they really try, but they just can't quite do what needs to be done. She also is going to have her hands full, her older three foster children are two foster daughters 8 and 6 and a foster son 5 and the baby is a girl who was just born on Monday.

Physical therapy will be interesting without her there. The other therapist worked with us today, not that big of a deal because she didn't have many patients since she is going on vacation tomorrow through the weekend, but Thursday ought to be interesting, we will be working with a stranger. Its a good thing I know my routine pretty well, except now we are adding manual stretching to my list because my knee was having some muscle issues that were KILLING me this week.

I am trusting that God will really move in this and it will all be ok. I don't know when I will be discharged, but I almost hope its not til after she comes back.