Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mornings are Not supposed to start this early

Why is it, on the busiest days you have planned, do you wake up early so you will be tired before you even get started.

Its 5:30am, I have already been up for an hour and a half, and the hardest part, I went to bed at 11pm last night as I am trying to reaccustom myself to those later nights so I am not totally fried when I start school in August.

Why was I up at 4am you wonder? Chris almost always wakes up about then, but he goes to bed about 9-9:30 too. Usually I get up about now, to make breakfast and get ready for our day, but this morning, the cat, woke me up insisting that I clean up after him. I then went to set out Chris's clothes to discover he didn't have any left, good thing I had some in both the washer and dryer, so his clothes are now drying for him. We will be taking him to work this morning and leave at 6:30.

Now, at least I am in a good mood, my morning routine is almost complete and its just the time I usually start my day.

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