Monday, June 2, 2008

What a Busy Weekend

Goodness gracious, it seemed like Monday would never get here this week. Now normally I dont wish for Mondays but this was a very hectic weekend.

Friday I had another Chiropractor appointment, Oh how I love those, I actually felt good until Almost bedtime, it will be a while before they stick over night, but we shall see since I saw him again this morning.
After my appointment, we took Chris up lunch, then we came home and I took a short nap while Lauren played on my computer.
When we got back from picking Chris up from work, I packed a box of books, wow was that a lot of work.

Saturday we went shopping early in the morning, FIL stopped by in the early afternoon and Lauren managed to really REALLY make him mad, she was really rude and we didnt even know he was here til she came in to me crying that he had left.

Dealing with that was a total nightmare. Chris acts JUST like him too, which certainly didn't help matters with me. I have never prayed quite so hard to control my tongue as I did before I called him.
I ended up talking to Chris's step mom for a while and she and I worked things through to make them realize how stupid this really was.

It was exhausting though, and the stress didn't help my head at all. Because I was too stressed to sleep, I stayed up with Chris to watch the Wings win their third game going for the Stanley Cup, I was SO excited, I just love hockey.

I think the stress affected my leg too because throughout Saturday night my swelling went up and my nerves started misfiring I woke up in so much pain it took me almost two hours for my foot to hit the floor.
We did not end up leaving the house at all on Sunday I barely could get across the house from room to room.

Then this morning We took Chris to work, went to Chiropractor again, ahh that felt SO much better, came home and went up there for Lunch, we will have to start packing ice through since its getting significantly warmer.

Now I need a nap before we go back to get him. Good night