Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ok, so its not going to be a LONG six weeks

I got discharged from therapy today. Its kinda bittersweet, on one hand, its exciting to not need physical therapy, but on the other, my knee isn't quite better, but they don't think its a neuro issue, so I have to make an appointment with a NEW orthopedic surgeon, YUCKY.

I was given a list from the physical therapist I saw today to choose from. I am kinda sad, kinda stressed, but also kinda relieved since MAYBE I may be able to get back to normal, I can't put weight on my knee and still can't climb the stairs easily. We think it may be related to the sprain I had more than a year ago.

I will call tomorrow, I will also call and schedule the appointment with the regular doctor as well, for the B-12 and to see whatelse they feel is important. Gee, I feel so overwhelmed, did I mention I don't like doctors very much anyore.

Other things are going good, I talked to two of my close friends today and I really needed made me feel quite a bit better about a lot of things.