Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MY Aching Head

Oh how I wish Chiropractic could cure this. Unfortunately, I know better since they couldn't get the headaches under control nearly 20 years ago now when they started.

Today has been unusually bad, it actually started yesterday, probably from all of the stress of the closing, traffic, construction, and just plain going too much.

I knew it was bad when I looked up the PTC support group web page, I don't do that very often, usually its just when I need to be reminded that I am stronger than this disease. The reason I do not like the support groups much is from my initial diagnosis back in 1998, my life was not going to end at a mere 22 years old just because I got sick. The new group that I found isn't the same way, they actually have a really cool forum called "I need a hug" and people actually live lives there.

My pressure back in December was 38cm, I don't get another tap til August, and its feeling pretty far away right now. I have never prayed so hard that I could make it to a doctors appointment before because I never did really good at follow ups. For the first time in 10 years I actually have doctors that feel that follow up is important for me and not just their monetary gain.
I don't even mind going to the appointments knowing that either. I always struggled with ignorant doctors before.
I do feel though that my head is encroaching the "lets head to the ER" stage that I have hit so many times before. I am 2 days away from my last spinal tap being 6 months ago and I can feel its definitely time for another one.

Right now I am praying that when I see Dr. Guthikonda we will be able to do something other than schedule more follow ups. My goal, by his visit, to have lost a minimum of 10lbs. I am doing the weight watchers points system, and need to really get it right.