Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So much for that good morning, the mid morning and afternoon more than made up for it.

At least all was not wasted, the new front door was installed on the house this afternoon.

My first battle of the day started with a fight with Blue Cross, and I didn't win, Oh my are they getting on my nerves, I am grateful we have insurance, but lately I am questioning if its worth it.

Then the orthopedic surgeons office called to reschedule my appointment to a week later than it was originally scheduled for, this irritated me something fierce, its already been 5 full months that I have been struggling to walk and function, so my patience is really thin, maybe he will be worth it and find out WHY its not working though.

Then we got the call about the door, that was actually a good thing, it wasn't supposed to be in for 3 weeks, and 1 has barely passed.

At Dinner none of my family showed up til I had finished, really annoying seeing as I called them almost 30 minutes earlier.

I guess I am just totally stressed, I had better go stretch my neck and do my exercises.

Tomorrow is my birthday, here is hoping for a MUCH better day.

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