Thursday, June 26, 2008

I got my Birthday Wish

Today was a peaceful day.
Nothing went wrong, noone complained, it was warm and muggy, but a great day overall.
My pain levels were even somewhat cooperative so long as I stayed in the air conditioning.

Tomorrow is another Chiropractor appointment, going to visit a friend at work after the appointment, going to deposit Chris's paycheck, and then going to Secretary of State to pay for 2008 tabs. We will change our address when we are all moved out of here in 2 weeks or so. Then when we come home, we have to clear and move furniture to get the desk out and ready to go to the new house, I think this trip we plan on taking the desk, the loveseat, and the table if there is room in the truck, in the car, we will have two sets of shelves a computer, tv, and some groceries.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, its a splurge that wasn't supposed to take place til August due to finances, but it was too hot to bake my cake and too hot to bake my chicken quesadillas, so we opted for a 2fer deal, 2 6 ounce Sirloins, 2 baked potatoes (chris had his loaded) I added mushrooms and 2 ceasar salads and Lauren got a kids meal, We all came home STUFFED. The total spent, under $33 including the tip.

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