Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Busy day

Tomorrow morning we start yet another busy day...hopefully it will be busy in a good way and I wont have to repeat my sleep study (not counting on that very positively, as she wanted to repeat it last time but because of insurance we decided to wait three months...those three turned into FIVE, I am so ashamed of myself)

I get to go put in an application for a Chiropractic assistant at 7:30AM, I am hoping being there that early I can find out a bit more of what they want before I apply.
Then I get the luxury of going to my Pulmonologist appointment at 9:40am, hopefully since I will be ridiculously early, she will be early too...Hoping?

Tonight I put in two applications for a Nursing home, watch, that's the job I will get, I was very hesitant to put them in as I have never really worked with old people outside of my friends parents, and they aren't really what I would call old.

Today's pain level has been very stable, not too much, but enough to remind me that it hasn't gone away. Its rather annoying, but I am ok with it since I know it could be much worse like it was a few days ago....this is an improvement.

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