Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Job Application

I am almost giddy.
Friday morning, I am going to apply for yet another job.
A Chiropractic Assistant.
A job I can DO without my cane (I just need that to get in the building for the most part)
A job I understand, I have seen Chiropractors most of my life, if you go back in my blog, you can see that I actually attest that a wonderful Chiropractor (not the one I am applying with though) is who helped get me off of my walker....I know it works.

If I am going to work for a doctors office, I would much rather work with a specialty that I have used before...that gives me.....drum roll please
Neurological Surgery
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Neuro Opthalmology
add to that Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Polysomnography, Respiratory Therapy, and Laboratory and I am sure I missed something in there.

I have seen dentists and pediatricians as well as primary care, but I could NEVER work at a dentist office, and am not thrilled with the others.

I have already applied at a Neurosurgeons office, no response, a Podiatrists office, waiting-they are just going over the apps today and Friday is a Chiropractors office.
I will also talk to my Pulmonologist, and send a letter to MY neurologists office as I really like him, and maybe my PMR since my first appointment they were short staffed.

I have faith that God will provide JUST the job for me. I just can't quit applying til I have it.

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