Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, Its official

This morning I had the NCV and EMG tests that confirm the nerve damage.

There are no nerve signals getting past my knee at all, they stop about 2 inches above the knee.
The calf muscles and one muscle in the thigh are also completely atrophied.
There is some amount of nerve damage on the right side, but not nearly as much as the left.

I was enlightened today, I nearly cried a few times and actually did once. Its not fun to hear at 32 that you may NEVER be able to walk normal again. There is no medicine to help the nerves grow back faster, there is no surgery they can do to make this better, physical therapy is a complete waste of time (unless we start getting nerves below the knee)
They can treat the pain, and hopefully with time, we will have some of those nerves back.

The current prognosis, 50% chance of nerve regrowth, will recheck in 6 months to see if we have any progress towards that, it could take 12 months to get nerves into my feet again, but even if they do grow back, there is no guarantee that they will ever function at full capacity again.

The likely hood of always having the numbness and tingling as well as some degree of Nerve pain, about 90%....I with those numbers were backwards. I am 32, I do not want to use a cane the rest of my life, but I was told even if I do start to get better, it will probably still be a necessary part of who I am.

If we have regrowth of the nerves, we will go through physical therapy. We will have to retrain them how to work.

I am to the point where I can not handle any more stress, my head is killing me on a daily basis, the pain in my nerves is unreal, and I am just so tired of all of this mess. At this point, I don't know which end is up anymore....

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