Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am Broken

I have been fighting finding a family doctor since February...

I have made every excuse known to man, and yes, they are all GOOD excuses, but excuses nonetheless.

We have a medical center literally right down the street, they do a sliding scale, and I have heard that the doctors are good there as well, but that did not make me want to schedule the appointment...after all, why would I want YET another doctor to have to report to?

Well, I have a neurologist, pulmonologist, neurosurgeon, orthopedist, neuro-opthamologist, and physiatrist, and no one made a really huge fuss over me not having a family doctor, all said I SHOULD have one, but no one pushed for it...til Friday.

When I saw Dr. Shanidze I was totally dumbfounded by her persistence, her concern was there too, but she was very unhappy that I see only specialists she wants me to have someone to supervise ALL of my medical care.


I called today to check on the sliding scale to see if we can afford it.
Now we wait.

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