Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today was a Great Day

and frankly, I am surprised.

It was not a pain free day, but I feel very accomplished, I got blood work done this morning, all 25 tests that were ordered, and only 5 pokes worth.

Lauren was Extremely well behaved at our day in the lab. Maybe that had something to do with the hundred plus gallon freshwater fish tank in the middle of the waiting room? I don't know but it was a good day for it.

We got the car cleaned out, all of it...I like seeing floor again.

When I got home, I learned I am a finalist for two jobs I applied for, I see God moving, I so desperately want to go back to work right now.

Yesterday I found out I get a Gold certificate in Medical Terminology, I got 100% throughout the entire class. I only made two mistakes in class neither of them counted towards a grade though. I missed the word Fascia in a jeopardy style game (it was misspelled, so I was confused) and in the pretest we took I missed Dacry which is tear I put Finger, Toe, which is Dactyl. Close but wrong.
On the actual test though, No mistakes, YAY.

Tomorrow is my last day in Medical Office Administration Part 1, Thursday is the last day of Medical Terminology. Then we are all done with Mod 1, Mod 2 starts Sept 29.

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