Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Topsy Turvy Day

This morning I had my appointment with Financial Aid, I knew KNEW it couldn't be good, if it was good, she would have told me over the phone rather than have me drive 45 minutes to get there, grumble.

I know there has to be something positive in this, the government, US Department of Education decided that our special circumstances that granted me my Pell Grant in the first place, weren't acceptable....they accepted them originally, the school accepted them, then they changed their unless a divine miracle takes place in the next 24 hours, I will not be in school starting on Monday.

I originally felt this was pretty darn crappy news, til I realized I have a job interview in the morning....with a company....that PAYS tuition costs if you are going into a field for a job FOR them....they pay for it.
I have an excellent shot at this job...they have already seen my resume, I applied online....I go in at 9:30am and am just thrilled since I am meeting with both the lady who called and her boss, plus a pre-employment test.

Then I get home, check my voicemail, I had called the neurosurgeons office per his request on Monday to let him know how the Naprosyn was doing...its not working at all, but that doesn't surprise me in the least, anyhow, there was a message from his nurse, basically telling me what I had already planned to do almost.
Wait it out as long as I can, if it gets worse call (why?) but now he wants to see me in THREE months, I have an appointment already scheduled for February, which is 6 months from the last one, so I have to call on Monday and ask if I need to change it or what I need to do...I don't see much purpose to changing it to three months if its not truly necessary...and I can live with the pain I am dealing with now, I have on and off for almost 20 years...I should be able to handle an extra month. Actually, looking at it on the calendar, it makes no sense to reschedule it, its only 4 weeks, scheduling an appointment 3 months from now would give me an appointment first week of January, I have one February unless it gets worse (and even if it does, I might just request my neurologist do a spinal tap, that would be the next step anyhow.)

I haven't heard from the family practice place yet, that makes me happy, the ball is in their court now and I did my part. No feeling guilty because I haven't made an effort.

This week I have had some weird symptoms, very personal type, but please pray, that if they have meaning, that they are related to a problem I already have and not something new....I have a gut feeling they are either related to the nerve damage or the Chiari though.

Also, a Praise, I have been roaming the house and most buildings with my cane in my HAND, not on the ground....I only seem to need it getting in and out of the car and in and out of buildings, the uneven ground still gets the better of me, but other than that, its parked.

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