Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, I have questions for Friday. I am losing my marbles.

Friday I go in for my EMG and NCV tests, if I heard correctly Dr. Seidel will actually be performing them himself so we will have answers right away.

Now the questions I have to remember to ask him is why I can only sit about 5 minutes before my foot falls asleep.
When normal peoples feet, hands, legs, whatever fall asleep, they wake up with movement....not mine, the other night, I walked the entire 60 feet of our home from one end to the other holding on to the walls just to go to bed because my foot fell asleep while I was checking my email.

Usually it takes being in one position much longer to fall asleep, and it only takes a moment to wake back up....I know because before February I never had these its every time I sit down. Its driving me crazy, and its not like its just my foot, it goes all the way up past my knee. My balance is bad enough without a sleepy leg.

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