Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new Day

I feel a wee bit better today.
I am not as upset, I got some sleep, took some meds and did some homework.

Tuesday I have an appointment to have my blood work done, There are 25 different blood tests that Dr. Seidel has ordered, basically to rule out Peripheral Neuropathy. In a way I hope one or more of them comes out abnormal, because those may explain why it has taken so long for the nerves to grow back, and since most of them are testing for deficiencies, they are treatable and we can invariably correct it and perhaps it will up my chances for a full recovery sooner.

Several of these blood tests I have never had before, for example, he ordered a T4, its a Thyroid test, more complete than the typical TSH I have had drawn a gazillion times. There is also an A1C which is a 3 month sugar reading, I have had many glucose tolerance tests, but that does not help if I am extra careful before them (which as we know, ALL people make better decisions when the know that have to have a GTT done, lol)
So we may even get answers to problems that we have suspected but the generic versions said were within normal range. And this time, I shouldn't be anemic for the tests since I am having semi normal periods now since I went on the birth control to regulate them.

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