Monday, September 29, 2008

So much on my mind

Today has been a whirlwind day, I called and made it official to drop out of school, I called and dealt with our mortgage issues, I dealt with other issues...still not feeling quite up to par, but much better thanks to a good nights sleep and a LOT of sweating, lol.

I feel SO undecided about what to do...on one hand I would LOVE to enroll in the local community college, and will likely call to see about doing that tomorrow, or at the very least schedule a time to meet and talk with someone about going in the winter term.

The reason I am so torn is because I really do not want to JUST be a Medical Assistant, many years ago I was heading into nursing, as a matter of fact up until February that was the direction I was heading, and I was all set to go enroll when I came out of surgery literally crippled.

I was devastated thinking God had abandoned me and was MAKING me do something that was basically a second choice...That frustrated me to no end...but I moved on, accepting that I could not do what I, I am improving ever so slowly but improving nonetheless....
I have a rehab appointment next Tuesday and I think I am going to ask my doctor if it is feasible for me to continue to try to pursue my dream, or if I should accept that as an impossibility.

If you remember, he is obviously a Christian man based off of his secretive witnessing at my last appointment, so I know I can trust an answer I will get....barring his shadow being there....because they always distract me.

If I don't ask him...I will still talk to the admissions director of the nursing program at MCC....It may take me a LONG time to fulfill my dream, but I do not think it is out of reach or impossible in the least.

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