Monday, December 10, 2007

Challenge Day 6

We're Heading to the Kitchen!
But First, The Making your Home a Haven Challenge hosted by Crystal over at Biblical Womanhood has given us other steps.

1. Refresh your Spirit- This week God has really blessed me, Kinda gave me confirmation that he heard my prayers and from an unlikely source so I knew it was God and not me. I love when he does that. I was reading Ezekiel 20 and 21 about how God deals with disobedience. I do not know how I got there as it was a random open your Bible and read. Faith, Trust, and Obedience have been on my mind for quite some time. It is so hard to be Obedient when your Faith and trust in Him are being tested.

2. Morning Routine- My morning routine is to Get DH off to work and take my quiet time with God, Its the best time for it since I am already praying for DH. I Make his lunch, get his clothes together if I did not do it the night before and spend a few minutes with him before he leaves. 5:30 he walks out the door and I start by praying for him then spend Lauren and other things, Taking special care to remember to take time just to listen.

3. Plan- My to do list today is a bit different than normal. Today I have to finish my dining room, I am proud to report that my living room is still somewhat neat even after the weekend, it will only be a 5 minute clean up.
  • School with Lauren, she had last week off as she helped me get the living room in order, it was a big job.
  • We are going to finish the dining area, To do this I need to put 3 Rubbermaid containers in the Shed and the two fans out there as well. Then I am going to sweep and Mom the entire floor. (our Living and dining rooms are technically one LONG room)
  • Heading to the Kitchen, I am going to be doing the dishes and moving the Table to the dining area.

Dinner is Chicken Quesadillas and Rice with Black Beans.

4. Do something, Now that I have it all out, time to get to work. To see what others are doing and for more encouragement Head on over to Biblical Womanhood

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