Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making your Home a haven day 7

Today will be the last day until maybe Friday I will be able to do the challenge, its been fun, encouraging and I have seen a lot accomplished, while Everything on my to do lists have not been completed, I do not feel like a failure like I used to.

Today's challenge is simple, we are just clearing a small space or working on a procrastinated project.

I will be playing catch up. Yesterday I got about half of my list done. We spent a lot more time doing things than I had anticipated, but it is ok. If it does not get done there is always tomorrow, and if its not done then, its still ok, because my family actually comes before my work around the house. If they are happy, then I did a good job.

My Private time with God Was Philippians Chapter 4.
Today's To do list,
I am GOING to get the Rubber Maid Bins to the shed today, I filled a 3rd one to go out as well.
I am GOING to get the garbage cans ALL emptied and in the outdoor can.

These are the only two that HAVE to be done today since the garbage goes out tonight and I will not be able to stretch around the bins for the rest of the week.

Tonight we are having Cheese Ravioli and Meat sauce cooked in the crock pot. The sauce will go in about 11am and will be finished around 4pm or so, DH will be leaving at 5:30 for bowling, next week will be his last week, YAY, I am so proud that he has decided not to continue this very expensive Hobby, Trusting God on that one has been a challenge and a half.

Tomorrow morning, into the crock pot again for dinner. The leftover sauce will be the basis for a Taco Soup and hopefully I will feel well enough to get a loaf of bread started so that DH can just pull it out when he gets home. I have all the ingredients except the water, butter, and yeast pre-measured into quart size zip bags already, so it should not be a problem.

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Mrs. T said...

mmmm...both of those dinners sound so yummy! Do you follow or recipe or use your own or make up as you go along? Good job on your lists :) I find that one or two things shift to the next day fairly often...either I'm expecting too much out of myself, or I'm not trying hard enough. I think it depends on the day, but either way, when I make a list I find it makes me feel better about what I HAVE done. Even if three things are ticked off, why, I did three things!! <3