Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Philippians Chapter 4

This morning I read through Philippians Chapter 4, tomorrow is the big day and for some reason I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know God is in control, I know that he will be there with me, and I know that everything will work out for his Glory. What I was struggling with though, is that, for some reason, I feel like this is not over. I feel like something will have to be missed for God to get the ultimate Glory out of this mess.
PTC or Migraines? Neither are fun, I have only had 5 really bad days in the last week and a half, less than I had had in the previous ONE week altogether. Tomorrow will be LP number 9 and I know lots of people have had more, but I have been really blessed (or spoiled) by being able to tolerate the pressures getting really really high before they make me sick...I am only doing this because I can no longer afford to get as sick as I did before I had Lauren to take care of.

Either way, The 4th chapter of Philippians really helped me know that God is not forgetting about me. I love that chapter, it has more of my favorite verses than any other area. Phil 4:6, Phil 4:8, and Phil 4:13 all in one short chapter. I have lots of favorite verses, but here they are all very close together and very uplifting especially when I needed it most.

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