Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday I saw the neurologist. I really love how he listens and actually cares.

I left the office with a full fledged case of the emotional ups and downs.
I know that the pressure is up, I knew that last week.
As I suspected, when he found that out, he asked me about the diamox (YUCK) and the shunt.
I will NOT take diamox again, the side effects are way worse than the symptoms it was supposedly treating (maybe if it worked, that would have been a different story, but it didn't)

The shunt info he gave me was a bit disheartening though. I do not know what I was expecting, but it surprised me nonetheless. I was asked if I have a programmable shunt, which I am now seriously praying is the case. If I do they can probably reset it without another surgery. If not, they will likely have to change the hardware and put in a programmable one.
I am not sure what I have because back when I had the shunt put in, programmable ones were used primarily for VP shunts and not LP ones.

I would love to blow this off and say its just a LITTLE high, but the reality is no matter how "just a little high" it is, it is affecting my day to day life and interfering with it enough that I saw the doc in the first place, if I went in, its not just "a little" problem, because I do NOT go in before its bothering me (that's just silly to go when you don't feel bad, I wouldn't have known I was sick otherwise)

Oh well, I guess God is really going to work our faith as a family because its not an easy road we are going down.

The Irony, The 23rd Psalm is what is going through my mind, stopping and focusing on verse 4 Which reads, Yea, tho I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of death I will fear no Evil for you art with me. Thy Rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

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