Monday, December 24, 2007

God is Amazing

Yesterday we did something, DH and I that I have NEVER done, we sold a running vehicle. See, I don't drive much unless DH is with me or I am going to Dr's appointments anymore. I just do not trust my abilities and my vision. We had two vehicles, a Very poor running mini van that I trusted to go all of maybe 2 miles on a good day and DH's car that we bought last February when he got tired of driving the van we didn't trust.

I had been debating about calling and pulling the insurance off the van this week since it had not been driven more than in and out of the driveway more than twice in the last month or so, it just didn't make financial sense to pay for something we are not using. Well God made that debate a mute point, Dh was talking to a friend, who was looking for a beater to get his son by til they could get his car fixed. God provided a Buyer, a way to get rid of the worthless van, and more importantly a blessing that we were not even looking for.

Isn't he amazing. I know this is yet another test, God has something big in store for our family I can feel it all over, but he is testing our obedience to him by entrusting us things that we have made promises to take action on.

I am so excited I can barely contain myself, God is so Good to us.

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