Monday, December 3, 2007

Finding Joy in the small stuff

Like a whole week without having any medical appointments.

Seriously though, its always so easy to find things to be happy about when everything is going good, when God gives us an answer we really want, or when we have a really big praise with whats going on in our lives; but how often do we remember to be happy when small things go right?

Since November 12th, 21 days ago, I have had 5 different appointments either seeing the doctors (3 different ones) or having tests done. While we are not done and I still have to call the Neurologist and Neurosurgeons office this morning, I am taking extreme joy in the fact that the only real place I have to go this week is the Library. I don't even think the grocery store will see me this week unless they have some really amazing sales going on.

Remember to not only be Thankful for the big things, but the little things and the Not so happy things too because God is working through those as well.

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