Monday, December 17, 2007

Human Again

What a week last week turned out to be.
I have had many spinal taps, 9 now to be precise, but all but 2 of them I had been admitted after or during, so I had a nice dose of pain meds already going.

Thursday and Friday I pretty much slept through, Pain started as soon as the lidocaine wore off, yucky.

Today however, I am back to being me, the headaches are back to normal, and things need to be done around here. I am a lousy housekeeper, but I realized after pretty close to 5 days of me being miserable, that I do a decent job of keeping things at least easy to take care of when I find the motivation to do it. No room takes me that long if I stick with it and just do it.

This morning, in 5 minutes I picked my living room back up (I had been on the couch and it looked like EVERYTHING we owned ended up in the living room while I was down)
I made a dozen crunchy cookies (Recipe on other Blog) for Chris to take to work tomorrow for his two coworkers, 6 peppermint and 6 sprinkled.
Dishes are almost caught up. I have one more load as it still hurts to be in one position too long.
Laundry is almost caught up, I have to fold now, then put away.

This week I am going to be attacking our master bedroom. It has been overgrown with stuff for a while now and it really needs to be conquered.

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