Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Doctor, a New home

After waking up a couple weeks ago unable to turn my head and in so much pain that I just wanted to crawl under a rock; I got to thinking, I missed seeing a Chiropractor, while they could never get the headaches under control, I at least go some semblance of relief of the rest of the symptoms for a while.

The problem with seeing a chiropractor though, is that it has to be someone you trust, I will not EVER see a chiro without a personal referral....on Mother's day, my sister in law was talking about the way they planned on raising my nephew, in that conversation, she got to talking about taking him to the chiropractor at 5 days old. I asked more, since I didn't realize she was into natural parenting (BIL's ex, I certainly doubt would have been)
On Wednesday I ended up going to the office that she had been going to since she was little. Its a Father and Son practice, she saw the dad while a child, and thats who I saw, now she sees his son.

It was much different than what I remember a chiropractor appointment being. They talked to me, alot. Did Nerve and Muscle scans and x-rays.
I have nerve damage in both my neck and back and curves in places I shouldn't, but where I should, that part is straight...lots of misallignments. I will see him twice this week, three times next, and hopefully that will get be alligned enough to go weekly then twice a month. Thank God for Blue Cross, I get 24 visits a year, so I have 8 visits that I can spend in a shorter amount of time.

Hopefully he will be able to help more over the next few weeks as we get this taken care of, I am looking forward to maintainence, but I am more looking forward to this helping my leg heal somewhat faster than its doing.

As for Physical therapy, today was rough, my ankle decided today that it wasn't going to cooperate with motion and has been kinda painful ALL day...we worked on lots there too.

We also got our park approval today. We are MOVING. I am so excited, I think we will aim to close in about 2-3 weeks. That will give me a good amount of time to get some packing done. I am so thrilled. It was a good day all the way around.