Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Busy Day

Wow, I am ready to stop, it seems like we are just going and going and going lately.
Yesterday I got lots accomplished but most of it was on the phone, at least it got done. I did get my cane yesterday as well, its nice not needing the walker just to get from here to there.

Today I plan on packing up a box or two, collecting pop cans to go back to the store and picking up papers and laundry. I also think I am going to pack up the remaining groceries in my pantry and get them ready to go to the new house. Tonight we are having spaghetti and Meatballs, hopefully that will kill off my bag of meatballs.

Saturday, I will be at the new house most of the day since I have to be there at noon for the phone to be installed, I will be leaving here at 11am, hopefully the truck will be leaving about the same time since it should be loaded then or close to it.

Since we are not taking everything, some stuff just doesn't need to come, we don't use it now and I have learned a lot of what we REALLY need this year, so we are leaving a dresser behind, whoever gets the house can have it, its a nice one, but really too big for our needs. We will likely purchase Lauren a VERY small one for her room after we get settled in though.

So all thats left to go, 2 sets of pantry shelves, one will go in my kitchen (that one holds my appliances, my microwave, my gravity water filter, and my pots and pans)The other set will go in the computer room closet to make that closet a bit more useful.
We have two desks, two dressers, two toy chests, two beds, two air conditioners, the loveseat and couch, two night stands, the kitchen table, chest freezer, two entertainment centers (my sister will be at some point taking the one to her new house)and our fish tank stand, that may one day hold an actual fish tank, lol.

Wow I just realized we have LOTS of pairs of stuff. Most make sense because they are for Lauren and us, but the two toy chests sound really weird. One was Chris's when he was little, that will actually function as a blanket box in the livingroom, we keep our house set really cool during the winter and like to just grab a blanket and cuddle rather than turning up the heat, the other is one of these, the big bins hold books and the smaller bins hold lincoln logs, play food, art stuff, puzzles, cars and small things that would be ALL over the house without them.

I think it will all be moved fairly easily and quickly in just two trips since we are renting a UHaul trailer for two days to take care of it as well. $60 that will save us probably close to $200 in moving costs or more, money well spent. Since the car will just be taking the shelves and groceries, and the slip covers for the couch and loveseat, we will be loading those things on Friday night...It feels good to have a plan in place especially since my next post will be coming from the other house.

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