Saturday, July 26, 2008

I overdid it

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in a while. I over used my bad leg.

It was a very busy day that started off on the WRONG foot altogether. I am glad God gives us grace and works through our stupidity though.

We woke up crabby, and fought pretty much til about 6:15 in the morning on our trip into town, not a good start to the day.

Chris was temperamental and broke my dustpan and I was yelling because no one was listening at all, just not a good morning, but stuff still needed to be done.

We got into town, slowed things down and felt a bit better.

We dropped Chris off to work, went to Meijer to fill the gas tank, I don't remember when the last time we spent so little to fill the car was, we had a $10 coupon to use on Gas because I filled my script, and gas prices have gone down quite a bit as well. We paid a mere 3.69 a gallon.

After that, we went in to the store and mailed off a couple of bills.
Then headed off to WalMart to get an oil change...we walked around the store for about an hour, stopping to sit at all open benches. About 45 minutes in I realized how much pain I was in, my knee started buckling over and over again, we were done.

We got the car, went outside and sat for about 20 minutes, then went back in to get the groceries, you see we had a whole day to waste being in town. These trips are very hard on Lauren since we don't really have anywhere to go between stops.
We got the groceries, didn't take more than probably another 10-15 minutes then we headed to the bank, deposited the check, its in WalMart too, but they don't open til 10, see why we had to waste time?

Went across to Aldi's bought the rest of our staples then off to lunch with Chris, then to K-Mart to cancel our layaway. I had planned on paying it off, but money is just too tight right now for that kind of spending.
Then we went and sat in the parking lot waiting for Chris to get off work. We took a nap because we still had two hours and Lauren and I were both exhausted.

I need to be much more careful about how much I use my knee, and remember when it hurts I NEED to rest, I am wondering if I caused more damage because I am always go go going on it til it hurts.

Back to town today to get the last of our stuff (I am sure we will be making a few more trips, but not sure when, so long as they are before September 15th)

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