Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank You Chiarians

After Tuesdays Pitty Party, and actual responses to it, I feel a lot less stressed. Every new diagnosis has literally scared me away from doctors.

Its funny, 10 years ago, it was "just" Pseudotumor Cerebri
7 years ago, I got the LP shunt put in, helped the headaches for about 4 years
2 years ago now, the headaches came back with a vengance, the dizziness, balance issues, pain in the back and neck, coordination problems (I always had these, so I just thought I was a klutz) and brain malfunctions (friends even noticed that I was having trouble) There are many more issues, but they weren't life altering all at once.
In February, when I went in to have my shunt replaced because of the pressure being up....I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea
I had a second opinion on my shunt in April after the surgeon that couldn't get it in the second time blew off the issues...
In May, I was blessed with a diagnosis of Chiari, and people wonder why I don't like doctors.

Now, after reading a lot of blogs and links to other people who actually have this massive mess of a....hmmm? Is it really a disease since its actually a malformation? Anyhow, reading the stories of others was really encouraging. While I am still really emotional, I am tired of not feeling good, but at least now I know why.

I am realizing that not only are these all connected, but they could potentially be made better. When the headaches started 19 years ago, I never expected them to go away, when I had the shunt put in, it was 4 years of heaven, but it would be so nice to lose the rest of the issues as well.

I am so greatful that God is in control and not me, I am sure I would mangle his plan especially since for the first time in ages, I was not prepared for what he has going on....those dreams helped immensely, it relieved the fears.
This is new territory not knowing whats going on.

I guess I need to end this, I keep losing my train of thought. Have a good night, and to those out there who suffer from PTC or Chiari, or both, learning you aren't alone is probably the biggest thing to help you get through this.

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