Monday, October 22, 2007

The Battles that Noone Win

Today Bug is back to herself alright, 100% normal, OBSTINATE, Ornery, Crabby, whiny, you name it she is being awful, or at least she was.

Days like today make me wonder how any mom can parent a child with any type of disability be it learning, mental, or Physical.
She really wore me out.
Tantrum after tantrum after tantrum. She is smart, she knows what she is doing but every little thing seems to bother her and set her off.
She can not, or will not sit still for even a moment.
The work is too hard (its Kindergarten work Lesson 35, she has been working the book since....JUNE or so and has only gotten 34 lessons done.)
There is too much work, its just too much to get done (its 2 work sheets and two reading sheets)

Ok now we are talking a child who is reading at 2nd grade level most of the time. Who is quite capable of doing 1st grade math and phonics, her writing, yes, that is a true struggle for her but everything else she was asked to do is well within her abilities with very little actual challenge.

How do I know its not challenging for her? When we went over it, making sure she understood the instructions, she did EVERY single Math problem without even thinking about it.
She can write every single letter of the alphabet without a challenge, but doing it for work....well it was Just too hard, and took 45 minutes to write 12 Capital letter A's and 12 small letter a's
of those 24 letters, 8 of them were Traced.

She had a meltdown about an hour and a half ago now, which she promptly FELL ASLEEP after.
The math sheet sits on the clipboard colored (not in the right places because that's a silly way to add) but none of the work is done.

The stress of dealing with her does not help me at all. I am just too tired and would so love to just take a break from my life at this moment...However, that's just not possible.

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