Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gifts and How To Occupy a Child

We are currently counting down til my tests 11 days away.
So I have been filling my time trying to figure out what Bug will do while we wait.
My mom will be with her, but Bug is very independent, and since they will be at the hospital with me, I have been hunting down things for her to do.

Now, my Bug is very artistic, she has drawn some Fabulous pictures, one day, when I master the scanner, I will post some (but that's not today, lol)
She also loves stamps and other random arts and crafty things. This week, sometime when DH can stay with her, I am going to go up to the local teacher supply store (I love that place) and I will get her some stamps (ten to be precise) I will also pick up some other little surprises spending a max of $10.

Now I know that to some $10 seems like a lot to spend on a child just for something to occupy them, but since we don't do easter, christmas, or halloween (the major gift holidays) we have the privilege of gifting whenever we deem it appropriate. This year we went a little wild for her birthday, getting her more than we normally spend, but we did upgrade her bedroom to a Big Girl room as well...We could have spent it either as a gift or not, it still would have been spent.

For other gifts, we usually try to get something that the other has wanted a while, DH has gotten Amateur Radio Equipment, I usually get something practical as well (usually organizational stuff, because it makes me smile) But for Bug, we try to steer clear of bulky toys and keep it in the Useful things. Currently, the toy she has that she plays with the most was a small giraffe she got from Kroger "because it looked lonely and needed a home" but even that had to wait THREE weeks before it came home with us (and it was only $2.99) The other things she plays with are Lincoln Logs, PlayDoh, and Markers, crayons, chalks and stamps...yes, the last one is all one since they stay together as a set, she also has a spiral bound notebook that stays with that so she can draw whenever the urge hits.

Do your kids need the greatest in toy fashion? Do they even know it exists? My daughter watches Qubo, it gives her her Veggie tales, but its basically the only time she sees commercials for "stuff" and she asks for it all. Does she need it? Nope. Will she use it if we were to buy it? Maybe once or twice...she is easily bored with stuff. Did we teach her that stuff is boring? Nope.
What we did teach her though, is that Books are fun, The library is Great. It is more important to DO then to Buy. And that God gives us wonderful things that are much more precious than a toy that lasts but a moment.

Now, lest you think my child is toyless you must remember, she has Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. They provide more than enough toys, mostly ones that are Specifically picked off of our desires because people are learning that we really do only ask for what will be used. I am grateful that they listen on that part, Now to figure out how to get them to respect that we WILL NOT ALLOW her to go Trick or Treating.

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