Friday, October 19, 2007

My Baby does Not feel well

Today has been the worlds LONGEST day, Bug is not feeling well. She woke up at 4am thinking she was going to vomit, she did not but she was certainly not feeling herself.

How do you prove a little one who is not vomiting is not feeling well? This child is normally SOOOOOO active, lol. She reminds me a bit of the energizer bunny, going and going and going. Today, she did NOT go.

At 4am, she woke us up, we got her calmed down, gave her a quarter dose of pepto to help with the upset tummy. She went back to sleep, very restlessly but to sleep nonetheless. Then at 5:30am, she woke up to tell daddy bye gave him a hug, and went back to sleep.

By 7am, she was sleeping in my bed cuddled up to me til about 9am when I got up and did some stuff around here.

She woke up and watched some tv but fell back in and out of sleep til 1:30pm, at which time she chose to come lay on the couch she had a bowl of oatmeal and by 5p, was back out again. Hopefully tomorrow she will wake up feeling refreshed and be back to her normal over energetic self.

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