Monday, October 15, 2007

Taking a Step of Faith

After lots of prayer and discussing with DH I have decided to do another Blog on what I find frugal. A lot of people ask me how I do this or that, and That is where I will share our frugal journey.
I never thought of my family as poor let alone poverty level til I ran across a really cool blog a few months back where she was talking about living on just barely over what my DH makes and in an area with an extremely high cost of living index. So I looked up ours, OUCH, reality Check, no wonder my in laws were treating us like a charity made me feel really good that I had pulled the plug on them doing our taxes as I don't like them knowing what we don't make, especially since over the last 3 years it has only gone DOWN.

It amazes me daily though. Our wages have gone down, our Bills, well they went up, but our God never fails. He has provided way more than we could ever ask or even comprehend when we had NO clue how we were going to make it, he made it. God Always makes a way for those who have faith in him.
How else could I be a stay at homeschooling mom? God had to provide the way.

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