Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lonely Children

I heard the funniest comment today while at our Homeschool Playgroup.

Bug and I were there with another lady and her two boys. Our children were happily playing with every and any child that came into the play place without thought to the fact that they weren't there to play with them. I have witnessed this same kind of behavior both at our 6 and Under play group that meets at McDonald play place, as well as groups at the Park and anywhere else we may go.

This grandma was there with her grandson he appeared to be between 5 and 6 years old. She looks over at us, since he is running away from our kids not having a clue how to interact with these children that could care less that he doesn't know how, they just want to play, and says "you can tell which ones are only children just by their behavior" I nearly spit out my drink, my Bug acts nothing like a lonely child when we are out and about, the only time I can tell that she is an only is when we are at home and she is in the midst of another meltdown. Even the meltdowns don't occur nearly as often as I feel like they do.

Barring the comment from the ignorant grandma it felt so good to get to be around another mom, and Bug enjoyed playing with the boys. My aim is to make it to most of these since they are only every other week (and they are the only group function we can afford right now)

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