Thursday, October 18, 2007

God is my Strength

Well as I posted on Tuesday, my tests were yesterday.
It was a very long day, results wont be in til next week. I am not too concerned about them saying anything different than what I expect.

My mom watched Bug in the waiting room, and of course, because it was NOT me with her, she actually behaved. Gotta love kids.

We got to the hospital at about 11:30 or so, which was a good thing because we spent a LOT of time waiting, first for registration (only about 10 minutes) Then for the MRI, which was 45 minutes LATE then for the CT scan, which I waited longer than the test took, then the X-Rays, which took longer than the CT, MRI and all the waiting put together. I was totally baffled that a few x-rays could be so agitating.
A spinal tap would have given clearer answers faster.

I have always said though that God works through the tests and the doctors appointments and just overall has been working through the PTC ever since before we even knew what it was, he did it again.
This time, it was a conversation between the X-Ray tech and I, which I suppose is why the X-Rays took so long, God had a testimony to be shared, and that even included the part about the suffering now not being half as bad as before.
He had asked the innocent question of why I had a shunt, easy question. Turns out his wife has the same symptoms due to another condition, her neurologist REFUSES to refer her to a Neurosurgeon because he doesn't think they would be willing to even think about putting a shunt in because she has some fluid flow (I had SOME fluid flow, just not enough to keep the pressure down) So I got to share my docs info, the fact that even with a potential failure, we did have 4 full pain free years and its not nearly as bad as it got before (the headaches become debilitating if your pressures get too high, which I cant do now with the BUG)
So God is allowing me to go through this because he wants others to benefit. It definitely makes the suffering a lot easier.

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