Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some days things just dont Go your way.

Yesterday was NOT a good day. Bug locked me out of the house, misbehaved ALL day just one thing after the other. Now granted, it was only about 3 hours of Horribly annoying behaviour, but it was 3 hours too much.

So, last evening after a homemade dinner of Chicken Cordon Bleu and baked Potatoes (yummy) we went to her room, and Sorted toys, I have an entire trashbag that will be heading out to the shed (along with 4 totes of stuff, sheesh we have ALOT of stuff....I figure if we aren't pregnant by June, I will be having a rummage Sale or going to a mom to mom sale to get rid of it all).

Anyhow, we got rid of alot of stuffed animals, I feel so much better about reducing our clutter. We also got a vacuum and will be sucking out the gazillions of micro beads that are all over the floor thanks to an explosion of a microbead stuffed Slime from Daddy's video game.

Over the next few weeks we will be getting her room in more and more of the order I want it in...I will not allow her to keep a room like ours was kept when we were kids.

On to today. Today is my parents 34th anniversary. I called to congratulate Dad and wish mom the best in putting up with dad for another 34 years. Actually though they have had rough times, I applaud them, divorce has become so rampant when I was in school I was one of a very few kids who actually lived in a two parent household. You can not quit just because things aren't easy.

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