Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is going to be a cross between a ramble and other random thoughts.
Today was what is known in our house as a "What a day!"

This morning Bug fought me on every level of school, I have heard that "I need a break" more than I can possibly bear. I am to the point where I want to do something fun with her and after 5 minutes tell her I need a break. Its beyond ridiculous.
She wasn't even dressed til daddy walked in the door at almost 3pm. It was a what a day.

In the morning my cousin called. Ok, I have heard from them precisely ONCE since I have been married. And that was because his oldest daughter is having headaches, boy do I understand that, LOL. They may stop by for a visit though on Saturday. His Aunt passed away this week and Friday is the funeral. It will be nice to see them, DH has never met them, last I saw him was when his grandpa died, I went to the funeral specifically for his mom. She was my favorite when I was growing up, I even spent parts of my summer vacations with their family.

Then I enjoyed a relaxing evening made dinner at home (Go Me, Thats 3 this week, and its only Thursday) and watched my CBS drama evening.

I love what a days that go this well at the end.
Good Night

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