Monday, October 8, 2007

Today was a Good day

This morning Bug did school, we tried out some KidWriting, that I learned about through one of the K websites I was looking up. It didn't go over very well because she is picky about getting things right (no guessing allowed) but she tried, came very close, and well, had fun.

She worked on math and Read a rain forest book as well.

Then she played, just what a Kindergartner needs to do. But the best part, lol, she was good.

I got to talk to a really good friend of mine, we hadn't talked in a while since yahoo decided we were supposed to be mad at each other (it wasn't allowing our messages to get to the other party) Ugh.

As for my house. We ate at home, and I got the dishes done (now I have to redo them because we had Ice Cream, but there is a lot less to do now).

Good night

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