Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love my job

Ok, ok, I know my job is being a mother and wife, but I love my job.

Today, DH and I had a fight, nothing huge, just a typical married couple squabble. But, I love my husband.

Today Bug, well, she has been a PAIN today, she has been careless, leaving things on and about and just plain not listening. But, I love my daughter.

I do not like keeping house, I am not good at it. My house can be clean and DH will find the one thing that is out of place (usually its under his feet) its so discouraging that no matter how clean it is, someone will step on something or trip over something or whatnot.

I am not a good cook. While I am good at organizing meals on paper....sometimes, I am not very good at cooking. I have a few specialties that taste wonderful, but most meals I make, well, they get eaten, but they aren't impressive, today however, wow.
I made what I thought were going to be Simple steak sandwiches. I got the idea off of THIS site, but I doctored it to meet our needs. Basically, I didn't toast the buns. I added mushrooms and Provolone cheese, and I used less than 1/3 of the butter. I also did not season the meat with anything more than Nature's Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. It was Absolutely wonderful. my cube steaks though were more like ground beef (they were a little too Cubed, lol) But Everyone ate and was happy, now, we are STUFFED. I hate getting that way, lol, but it was yummy nonetheless, oh ya, and mine only used 3/4lb of meat.

Tomorrow we are going to be working through a few lessons on the Rain forest for School for bug, because mom had two bad days last week and we will be locked in the bedroom because its the room with the AC. Its October, its not supposed to be 82 at almost 8pm, let alone 82 period, yesterday, today and tomorrow it has been and will be nearly 90. I don't like that in the summer, this is even worse.

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