Sunday, October 21, 2007

How Glad I am.

Yesterday Bug was back to feeling better and today, I could not have been more thrilled. Today was one of the worst days I have had with my PTC in over 15 years. I can not even compare the pain today of those days back when I was diagnosed and could not even walk in a straight line.

I think I have just been spoiled rotten by the pain free years my shunt did give me.
You know its bad when I go buy Advil (and I know its not strong enough to do anything more than dull the pain a little)

I read a blog and one day she described a migraine, my first thought was how awesome of a job she did sitting in my body. Unfortunately, the difference between a Migraine and a PTC headache is that PTC headaches do not tend to get better with time.

Why oh why did I procrastinate so in taking care of this. My dear friend in Idaho mentioned that I had been speaking of it for over a year...she tried to get me to listen to myself, but I was too stubborn.
When I looked at it on paper filling out the paperwork to go to the neurosurgeon, it actually scared me. Shunt Failure usually occurs within the first 4 years, I guess my problems started back then, but I was too stubborn to notice. The headaches have actually been here for nearly 4 years....I pawned the earliest signs off as stress due to the infertility. The more regular and noticeable headaches arrived more than 18 months ago and closer to two years than that. That puts the first signs at 2 years after placement the consistent ones at the 4 year mark, and constant headaches began almost to the day on the 6 year anniversary. My was I foolish.

I am so grateful to serve a graceful God who wont look at my stubborn streak and say....hey, you brought this upon yourself, like we as parents tend to say when our children make obvious mistakes in judgement.

10 days til Follow up.

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