Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Busy Week

Ok, that sounds so funny as I haven't had ANY doctors appointments this week.
On Tuesday I broke my glasses, I lost a screw, have to pick one up on the way home from Physical therapy today, God Please Please don't let it rain til I get that screw.

On Monday we got a counter offer on the mobile home, we accepted since it was what we were planning on offering anyhow. We were approved for the in house financing, now we just have to come up with $1600 for the rest of the down payment. God will provide, even if it takes 2 months.
We go out next Wednesday to apply to the park for approval. I will take Chris to work then, and I have a Chiropractor appointment with my sister in laws Chiropractor at 9am. It will be my first visit with him and the first overall in more than 15 years.
With how I am feeling though, I hope it helps, and I am pretty sure it wont hurt.

Tuesday I had Physical Therapy, much better than Thursday was. I asked about getting off the walker, I wasn't pleased with her answer, I love my therapist but I was so bummed. She said I could get a cane when I trusted my leg, uhm, I will trust my leg when it stops locking and buckling.

Yesterday we got our house insurance payed for a few months (til we get moved) and basically we have just been busy doing things we were too tired to do while I had a gazillion doctors appointments going on.