Sunday, May 4, 2008

I had a blast

Friday we saved lots of money at Meijer, we even splurged and got Chris a new pair of work shoes (they were 20% off) He needed them, but since they are such a HUGE expense, it wasn't easy for him to accept them. He also worked a half a day on Friday too which helps immenesly. We are betting he will be back to working 5 days by the end of this week.

Saturday, I went to the Woman's dinner at Church. I left Lauren home with daddy, which is good since she certainly wouldn't have eaten $6 worth of food (I didn't eat $6 let alone $12 worth, it wasn't impressive for being catered) but I did enjoy the fellowship which I think is much more important. Lauren's little friend also stayed home with her daddy, so I don't think she would have enjoyed herself much anyhow...the only kids that were there were either babies or bigger kids (8 and up)
The speaker spoke on baggage, especially unforgiveness, it was a pretty powerful message.

This morning was church and now Lauren is getting ready for bed, she is sleeping downstairs since tomorrow is a busy day, a doctors appointment at 9 and ugh, I don't really want to go...Shh, I will never be able to convince Lauren its ok since she sees me not wanting to go to my appointments. I don't care for eye doctor appointments more than any other kind because it seems that they make the headaches worse by all the lights they shine at me.

Please pray that this isn't that bad, and that he is somene I can deal with, I was spoiled with my first real neuro opthamologist, the second one I didn't care for and I haven't liked any eye doc since. Dr. Ing, was/is the best, I miss him something horrible, when you google anything about neuro opthamology, his name is attached to it somewhere...I felt confident in his hands....I was scared the first time I saw him too, but talking to him at the very first appointment I was so comforted, unfortunately now he is in Canada, and Blue Cross doesn't cross country lines.

I guess why this is so hard is that I have known I was supposed to go back, but I was disobedient and stubborn. Fear is not from God, but it was so overwhelming that I could not handle going in. When Dr. Guthikonda sent me, I literally panicked. I know God will be with me, and whatever is supposed to happen will...I know God is in control of this whole thing, he knows whats going to happen and be there to hold my hand through the process. All I know is that there is much more that will be happening, and I have to go through this long process to fulfill his will.