Thursday, May 1, 2008


After a really rough morning, we had a good day today.

Lauren woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and Ooooh, I can't deal with those mornings. She was almost cooperative with school though and thats a good thing.

Our day perked up about noon when her attitude changed and she realized that I am mom not her. Goodness that is not a fun battle. God has given me a lot of grace in dealing with her as she is so moody and her moods change so fast that it sometimes scares me.

Thanks to a blog I stumbled across, tomorrow I am going to Meijer and going to save a lot of money. She had coupons that I did not even know existed.

The most awesome thing about that is I had already planned on going there tomorrow to get most of the things she had coupons for. I like getting to save MORE money because someone else finds a way. We go there to get gas as its so expensive and since we have their credit card, we put the gas on there, save 5 cents per gallon and put the money right back on the card...
I dont normally advocated credit cards, but the 5 cents per gallon more than makes up for the interest rate.

Tonights Physical Therapy was rough, we did a lot of practice walking with a cane. My confidence is not there. I am terrified to be outside of the parallel bars, even holding Cathy's hand I was still really shakey. She says I am doing good though, but my back says otherwise. It hurts so bad when I am done.
I got to 900 steps on level 3 on the NuStep, I still WANT that machine. I managed to walk for about a 20 minutes with the cane, no easy task, but I managed. I did the green hurdles, I knocked over a lot more than usual on the 10 times across (5 forward and 5 sideways). Then I did half Lunges, she has me practicing getting the knee to bend and HURTS, but I do see it as good pain.
I don't go back til Tuesday, but hopefully then I will be able to go 1000 steps on Level 3...I make no plans to progress beyond that as it depends on how much walking she has me doing. I may try the other cane in the bars, depends on how many patients she has at once.

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